Monday, February 9, 2015

The mitered-square hoodie (part 1)

I don't remember when I got the idea for a mitered-square hoodie; probably after a Woolly Thoughts class. I started knitting straightaway with some stash yarn, and bought a hoodie.

I reversed the zipper so the outside of the hoodie would be the inside of the jacket; the fleecy "inside" would hold on to the knitting well, and then I'd have inside pockets and such. I got a goodly number of squares of varying sizes made:

I grafted exactly two squares together... and it was MUCH bigger than I'd thought it would be. I may be close to having the entire hoodie knit!

We'll see. But I'll be working on this a bit more over the next few months. (And yes, I have PADD. But if I work on lots of projects, I'm still going to finish lots of projects. Eventually.)

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