Monday, February 16, 2015

Hearts Aflame - Mixed Knit & Crochet Set

So, we made some adorable crocheted hearts for First Saturday Happening this month. And then I decided to run amok with it.

First, using the heart pattern, I crocheted a scarf. (Yes, that's orange-flame fun fur (Bernat Boa) for the picot edge.)

Then, I made a matching hat:

Top down, winged it completely turned out adorkably great.

Then mitts. Crocheted, because that uses more yarn, and I had to make sure to use over 375 yards for the set.

Here, all together - and turned in at 541 yards. phew!!

Been wearing the scarf since I finished it mid-week - it's very warm, and the fun fur is fluffy and soft. Wore the hat this evening - quite comfy, also warm. Haven't tried the mitts yet (as of this writing), as I finished them not five minutes ago.


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