Friday, February 1, 2013

Okay... the last post was for DADA. THIS is Muggle Studies.

And for the eighth and final class this month, I did Muggle Studies.
I chose - Option: Explain what the promise is, how you've broken it, and what action you are taking now.
I decided to finish a shawl I'd started with some amazing yarn I'd picked up at the TKGA convention this summer.

Yards - Was knit, Pre-Frog: 219 yds (1.8 oz)
Yards - Newly Knit: 207 (12 yards left exactly)
Yards - Total: 438 yds (3.6 oz), - 12... 426 total yards used.

The promise: Make a pretty shawl for my Mom for her birthday.
How it was broken: Mom's birthday was, um, earlier. Before this shawl was completed.

Screenshot of Original Project Page for Proof of Not-Finished-ness

How I'm fixing it:
The shawl stalled horribly when there was some sort of counting error happened in the last bump. And it was bad enough that I couldn't figure out how to fix it.

So I frogged it.

And now I'm reknitting it back, and will give it to Mom. It's just a little late!

drapes beautifully over shoulders

almost a five-foot wingspan!

pretty shadows

I have to thank the Hogwarts professors for the idea of this class. Without it, this shawl might never have happened, and I just *love* the way it turned out!

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