Monday, February 11, 2013

All the Way to Eleven

So, remember my OWL proposal? It was for an actual h-t-g Argyle sweater with intarsia and everything. The swatch looked thus:

See that swatch there with its five measly bobbins?

The sweater goes all the way to ELEVEN.

I got almost all the way through the first row of diamonds on the front panel. You can tell that on the left side of the two photos below. About when I was almost all the way through those diamonds? I realized my side-shaping was supposed to go over EIGHT inches, not FOUR.


So I got to frog ELEVEN BOBBINS worth of intarsia.

Yeah. It sucked a LOT. I was trying to go back to the row of the second decrease, but the bobbins weren't behaving, the few reknits I did looked wonky... so I went back to the very first row of the thing.


At least putting the diamonds back IN is going really well, since I really, really understand the structure of the intarsia diamonds now!!


  1. you duplicate-stitch the diagonal lines on afterward? I've been thinking about doing some intarsia-ed Argyll gloves.

  2. Yep, exactly right. The diagonals are duplicate stitched afterwards. (I'm going to do them after blocking, because it's... um, easier? Or possibly the correct way to do it.

    I really should research that, I'm getting close to having to do it...


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