Monday, October 8, 2012

The Perfect Yarn (Not Pictured)

So, last week, I went to Fibre Space to get more of the lovely silver Metalico. Sadly, they were completely out, but ordered more (and two more skeins will be mine, bwahahahaha!). Since I was in a YARN STORE, some stuff came home with me. The first thing I picked up was a cute little pewter square neckthingy - YO on one side, K2TOG on the other:

It's like a little knitter's dog tag. I'm wearing it today, of course.

I also got some yarn. I can't remember whose, but it was lovely. (And I'll find out for Wednesday.) Oranges and browns and just screaming of autumn. In other words, I finally have the yarn to make Ann Hanson's "Maplewing":

Ann's Photo, not mine.
Isn't it GORGEOUS????

Someone pointed this shawl out to me, and I knew it was going to happen If I Ever Found The Perfect Yarn. I did, I just bought the pattern, and it will be cast on tonight.


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