Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The month-long splice

So, about a month ago, I went on a cross-body bag shopping spree (NOT a cross body-bag spree, that's something else entirely) and got a lovely little green LeSportsac bag. Which happened to come with a smaller bag, which I wasn't using until last week. (The quarter - really, the shiny thing is a quarter - is for scale. It's a pretty small bag.)

What I put in it was my Jolly Roger cowl thingy. Which I've been carrying around since the last time you saw it, with the second ball of Metalico all balled up and ready to go, but not spliced.

Finally, today, during lunch, I spliced the yarn. Metalico splices like a dream, by the way...

So, there it is, all spliced, and ready to finish Row #7. (The slightly darker yarn in the bit-of-splice that's still drying.) So I might actually finish it before it gets too cold for a light lacy alpaca/silk cowl!

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