Tuesday, August 23, 2016

This week got away from me...

I did manage 3 medals in the Ravellenic Games this year... and a whole lot of misses (mostly WIPs). 

Restarted a Looped infinity scarf. We had a store model in Lustra; I have this stuff.

Got cookies.

Got new kicks.
(PS, taking photos of one's own feet is tricky.)

Walked around historic Occoquan, VA.
There are vultures there, yo. And spy cameras?

Did I mention cookies?

Yep. Had a lobster dinner. ;)

More coherence this week, hopefully!


  1. Most definitely a busy week! Love the kicks and the cookies, but most importantly the yarn colors! Beautiful! You are totally ready for Fall! ��

  2. I need those lobster cookie cutters! Lol. I have a very small cookie cutter collection right now but I have (among the standard Christmas cookie cutters) dinosaurs and Halloween cutters. I need some leaf shaped ones right now for a woodland themed batch of cookies.


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