Thursday, May 19, 2016

Felt-Splicing Skeino

So since vacation last week, I've somehow lost a day. Or six. Anyway, yesterday a Skeino Arabella Shawl Kit happened. 

Being me, I decided to splice the whole thing into a ball.

Carefully separate single ply into two for about two to three inches. Put the joins so they fully intersect and soak in water for a second:

Then, use friction between your pans to hear it up and felt it solid. (It's done when the water is gone.)

Then continue...

... and continue...

... and continue.

Here's the full color run and label info:

Left to right, winter gray thru spring greens into summer golds and then the reds and browns of autumn!

I'm going to make a Fall of Leaves cloak, if I can!

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