Friday, November 9, 2012

Still On Hold

Healthier enough to get back to work; not healthy enough to stay there. Sigh. Blog updates are going to be sporadic, as I'm still not back to knitting every day. Sorry about that.


Over at, there is a sweater story (those are always fun), and a video. I almost fell off my chair when I saw it.

This is how I knit. I've never seen anyone knit exactly the same way I do before. Close, but not exactly like me.

Until now. (There's a really long pre-explanation that I can't actually listen to at work, but I trust the aforementioned blogger's description. Also: buy "her" books. They're fab.)

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  1. Is that not how most people knit? It looks like normal knitting to me. That's also how I do it, although, I must admit that I sometimes change which hand I hold the yarn with, depending on the space around me.
    Also, I definitely found it a little awkwardly sexual when he was doing that in/out motion with the needle on the second stitch.


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