Monday, June 4, 2012


Real Life is getting totally out of hand, so much so that I haven't knit or crochet for over a week (so you know it's BEYOND crazy-busy). It looks like it's going to last for a couple of weeks, so I'm putting the blog on hiatus for the rest of the month until things settle down. A knitting blog just isn't as much fun when there's no knitting to show!

See you in July!

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  1. hahaha -- I've given up with trying to show all my work. Some of it is just not that interesting, or I am only trying things out so nothing ready to show. Whenever I have something, it will be there! There is no need to post something ALL the time! It's your blog after all.

    If you need help with spinning, let me know. The trick to get the fibre attached to the leader is to be sure you have lots and lots of twist in the leader, and then put some fibre through a loop, if you have one. Allow lots of twist into the beginning of the spinning... don't worry about it. You can then put less into the rest of the yarn, but that first arm's length needs more twist to hold together. Hope that helps!
    (I'm a certified enabler!)


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